Valentine’s Weekend Recap

Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, I ATTEMPTED to make a bunch of Valentine’s Day related treats for Markel.  Sadly…nothing actually turned out the way I had hoped. =(  The only pretty things below were by Markel (the heart shaped bacon and the awesome steak dinner).  Luckily ugly food still tastes yummy. ^^

Let’s hope next year the mama genes will kick in and somehow I will be suzy homemaker and make the most amazing desserts and meals.  *fingers crossed*  For now, thank GOD for cookie cutters and pre-packaged food. =D







Valentine’s Breakfast Fail


I intended to make this above for Markel this morning…one heart shaped center and one dog bone shaped center…but the both came out like blobs. :(
If you see the cut outs above the toast those were SUPPOSED to be the center shapes…oops. 


Eggslut in Grand Central Station, Downtown LA


This is a new place that has been all the rage.  The lines are insane and so we thought that superbowl sunday would be the perfect time~~ which ended up being RIGHT!  We waited only about 30 minutes in line (as opposed to over an hour) and got a seat at the bar right away too~ CLUTCH since it would have sucked to stand and eat.



arugula, red wine vinaigrette, served with manchego cheese on top


IMG_2581 IMG_2580


my overall review of this place is that it’s good.  sadly i’m not sure it’s worth more than an hour of waiting…but i love the concept and the new twists to breakfast dishes.  If you’re able to go early or during a non-busy rush time~ i’d totally recommend egg slut!

G&B Coffee


Sunday I checked out grand central station with my old roommie and fellow chang-sta.  I got to try three places at the same time which REALLY made my inner fattie dance with joy.  These days since alchie is NOT an option, I’ve been trying to de-stress with delicious food and drinks.  healthy right?  lol

G&B is like Go Get Em Tiger on Larchmont.  It’s a bar feel where you can walk up and order a drink (rather than wait in a line like normal coffee shops).  I ordered a sweet latte but what I REALLY wanted was the $8 Shake: 4 shots of espresso, ice cream and cream).  The shake tasted like heaven in your mouth.  I only had one sip since I’m preggo and can’t drink TOO much caffiene.  WAHHHH.  next time…

20150201_131242 IMG_2587 IMG_2584IMG_2586

Edible Arrangements

I don’t know about you…but I have an unnatural obsession with edible arrangements.  I think the fruit they use is SOOOOO freaking good.  Like almost as good as the Harry and David fruit.  How do they do it?  Soak it in sugar water??  inject it with syrup?  I dunno… but it’s like crack for my soul.  I’ve been obsessing over edible arrangements lately and I think I’m going to try making it on my own.  This is my february goal for the month.  LOL sad or AWESOME, you decide.  But I can’t wait to try making these with fruit, cookie cutters, and a little melted chocolate. <3  Will share my AWESOME bouquet with you soon!

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