Specialty Coffee on Abbott Kinney

i’m no coffee snob,  but when coffee is made well  you really can’t help but savor each sip and feel all giddy inside.  two of my favorite places to grab specialty slow drip coffee are Blue Bottle and Intelligentcia.  TO DIE FOR drinks.  Iced Coffee, Lattes, you name it… your taste buds will be doing a happy dance. =)

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Hero Shop/ Yero Shop


A few weeks back my girlfriends and I went to our favorite place in downtown LA: Hero Shop.  Banh mi sandwiches and coconut bowls by day, chicken and lamb rice bowls by night!  This charming place is our go-to stop when we’re all together. <3

We ordered quite a table full of goodies: pork belly cocunut bowl, bbq pork banh mi, lamb rice bowl and chicken rice bowl.  ALL were to die for of course.  My favorite is always the lamb and rice with extra white sauce. xx

If you’re in the downtown area or looking for some bomb ass food~ check out Hero Shop/Yero Shop!

our dinner for the night <3


pork belly coconut bowl–pork belly was BOMB




chicken and lamb rice.  AMAZING.  i prefer the lamb!


bbq pork banh mi–incredible flavors and tasty bread!


Salt and Straw on Larchmont

this was my second visit to salt and and straw recently and i liked it just as much as the first.  there are definitely some flavors that were NOT my favorites, but i’m obsessed with anything strawberry right now.  They have a toasted strawberry with roasted white chocolate right now that is TO DIE FOR esp on a waffle cone. <3

other recs: stumptown coffee is freaking amazing and so is their strawberry sorbet.  *droool*

salt and straw is the perfect place to go to this summer when the weather is hot.  larchmont has a ton of delicious brunch spots, cute stores and the best nail salon across the way.  i highly recommend taking a saturday morning and spending it on this block! xo



Lemonade on Larchmont

went to lemonade for brunch on larchmont recently and my fattie inner soul literally died and went to food heaven.  for two people, we ordered these two trays PLUS 2 more small salads.  i was a bit hungry/hangry and ready to eat everything they had.  this was my second time at lemonade and it was fun to try a little bit of everything this time.  for a newbie it’s a little confusing because the selection is huge and it’s split by how many salads or “portions” you choose.

i would say…skip the dessert.  it’s not quite what it looks like.  the lemonade, salads, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes were DELIIIICIOUS though.  the blue cheese/chicken sandwich was yummy but the thanksgiving (turkey, cranberry) one was aiite.  the avocado and salmon salad really hit the spot for me too.  not sure if it’s worth the money but if you could make it at home, that would be my favorite afternoon snack.

if you have a chance to hit up a lemonade for lunch/dinner i highly recommend it.  it’s fresh, healthy and tastyyyy~~ xoxo



Sunny Spot

just heard about sunny spot in venice (i know…i’m so late to the game) and finally got a chance to try it!  this place is…laid back but ultra trendy and chic.  everyone looks like they stepped out of a hipster catalog sipping on bottomless bloody marys and mimosas.  *sigh *  not awesome for this over swollen preggo lady… but moving on…

the ambiance, decor and staff were super friendly~ loved the location and the caribbean menu was awesome.  for the dishes themselves…it looked like everything was hit or miss (at least at our table).  I loved my hangover meal and would have loved to try the pancakes and lunch/dinner dishes.  Markel’s shrimp and grits was bland just… blah.  a few friends got a few other breakfast dishes they loved and another friend ordered the chicken jerk dish which was bland and equally blah.

overall i would definitely recommend checking this place out.  maybe just yelp a few meals beforehand so you know you’re going to get a good dish. =)

shrimp and grits

2015-04-26 12.17.27

hangover dish

2015-04-26 12.17.23