Donut Man in Glendora

Do you know the donut man, the donut man, the donut man…

if you’ve never heard of the donut man in glendora and live in socal~ drop everything and drive over there NOW.  the donut man has a big variety of donuts that are all good.  but their specialty donuts are to-die-for-delicious.  think i’m exaggerating?  go try the strawberry filled donut below and your tastebuds will thank me forever.  i could eat 4 of these in one sitting if i weren’t afraid of getting diabetes.  each filled donut is $4 and i swear you can’t just eat one.

the strawberry filled donuts are seasonal so if you go when they aren’t around~ i would recommend trying the tiger tail donut or any of the regular ones available.  BUT…there’s really no point in going to donut man if you’re not going to get the strawberry filled ones below.  it’s like going to KFC and not getting any chicken.  don’t be cray.

expect the line to be wrapped around this small building and pay in cash.  other than that…the donut man experience is WORTH IT people.  i’d wait an hour in the rain to gobble up 4 strawberry filled donuts.  (…only if i wasn’t afraid of cavities and diabetes)

20150222_142352 20150222_142416

Strawberry Cupcakes + Cream Cheese Frosting


i’m going through a strong berry/strawberry phase and this seemed like the ULTIMATE way to indulge. =D  Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and strawberries on top.  *drooool *   I won’t go into detail about how many of these I may have eaten on my own, or how I made them (since it wasn’t from scratch)… but just know that this combo is to die for delicious.  lol


Happy Monday Ya’ll~~ LA is going through an interesting heat wave kinda week.  What happened to spring??


Burger Lounge + Salt and Straw Ice Cream on Larchmont

last week some friends and i tried out burger lounge + Salt and Straw on Larchmont.  both were new places for me and both were…ok/good.  i wouldn’t say the BEST food around but there were some elements of each place that i liked.

first…burger lounge!  I got the Lounge Burger (100% fresh, single source american grass-fed beef. served “lounge style:” lounge bun, organic cheese – white cheddar or american, fresh or grilled onion, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, house-made 1000 island).  the burger was well cooked and juicy~~ but not something I would RAAVE about to friends.  A great healthy alternative to mcdonalds but *meh* it was just an ordinary burger to me.


the fries were the same…typical fries.  the Caesar salad had a few nice twists from the old version but again…nothing i HAVE to eat again.  the onion rings tho were bomb and i could eat 2 more bags of those.



now onto the ice cream!  across the street is a new and trendy place called Salt and Straw.  i’ve been wanting to try it for a while and finally got my chance. =D  the flavors are homemade and VERY unique.  so for your “vanilla ice cream” lovers this is not the place for you.

i got a roasted strawberry with white chocolate scoop and thought it was delicious.  there were about 10-15 flavors to choose from but most of them were so weird it was harder to find a flavor i would like rather than narrowing down 5 delicious options.  *shrug *  perhaps i’m more “vanilla” than i realized.

anyway, this places was a unique treat and i would recommend trying it out if you like ice cream and enjoy trying out new flavors. =D


Baby Blair’s Shower + A Bomb Taco Truck


last weekend baby blair was showered with the most beautiful party i ever did see.  from the appetizers and drinks to this gorgeous dessert table above…every detail was PERFECT.  I have the most amazing group of friends/future aunties who really showered baby blair with love, great memories and sweets to last a lifetime. <3

IMG_2747A IMG_2749A IMG_2751A IMG_2753A IMG_2754A IMG_2755A

triple berry cake.  TO DIE FOR.  homemade by one of the most talented ladies I know!

IMG_2756A IMG_2758A IMG_2759A

the fab 5 who made this day happen.  love them so much and can’t wait for baby blair to meet the most creative and loving eemos!

IMG_2761A IMG_2763A IMG_2763A IMG_2796 IMG_2797A

oh delicious taco truck…how i love you.  the lady we hired is the NICEST person ever.  and the food was BOMB.  everyone kept raving about this place.  if you need a recommendation for a taco truck in LA let me know!

IMG_2813 IMG_2814

Bru’s Wiffle – A Waffle Joint


a few weekends ago my friend from norcal came down to play and we got to try a new place (for us) on Wilshire called Bru Wiffle.  I had seen and passed this place for years but never really knew what it was about.  BOY was I sad I had not tried BW earlier… =(

Not only was the service amazing, but the food was unbelievable.  The menu is extensive and also serves lunch~ but since we were newbies we had to try three variations of the Chicken and Waffle dishes.

IMG_2701 IMG_2703

markel ordered a beer-mosa and said it was the best thing he’s ever had.  lol  since i couldn’t try it (*tear*) i’ll have to go back in a few months after this little bean is out of me.  isn’t he so cute in this pic below?? =D


me and ms. kang.  please ignore how swollen and fat i look… *sigh *

IMG_2708dwight’s special (first photo above)

belgian waffle topped with two pieces of boneless, skinless crispy chicken

golden goat (below)

served with goat cheese and honey

IMG_2711green salsa

served with two fried eggs, melted swiss cheese & topped with fresh green salsa


overall we had a great experience at Bru’s Wiffle.  The chicken was incredibly tender, the waffles were amazing and the drinks (so i’m told) were off the chain.  I can’t wait to go back and try some of their dessert waffles and other savory menu items!


Salt Air Brunch

 Salt Air has been one of my new favorite restaurant finds in Venice.  Located on Abbot Kinney, it’s near a lot of really great stores, bars and restaurants.  The first time I went for dinner and it seriously BLEW my mind.  Their Brined and Slow Roasted 1/2 Chicken anson mills cheese grits + pole beans roasted tomatoes + andouille gravy~~~ SERIOUSLY to die for.  The chicken is SOOO tender and the sides are so mouthwatering… *drool *

SOOO…after my amazing dinner experience there, I was excited to find out that they also served BRUNCH!!  NATURALLY my friends and I had to check it out~~

We ordered a few things to share and seriously everything was delicious.  Sadly I forgot the names of everything we ordered but I’ll do my best to describe it…

 Spaghetti Squash Toast –this was aiite.


Blueberry Pancakes with sour cream and maple butter–tasted like heaven in your mouth.  These pancakes totally changed my life.  LOL  sad to some…awesome to me. =D


fries–gotta have those


Gravlax – crispy poached egg, arugula, frisee, capers

–really fresh and tastey~ totally recommend this dish below.  The breaded poached egg was clutch.


sadly i only have this blurry picture of our table.  but the brunch was off-the-chain-delicious.  i can’t wait to go back and try more menu items!!