Good Eats

The last of my food/treat pics are below.  I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I was in Hawaii.  Miss it already… or at least my taste buds do!  Here’s just a little photodump of random treats.  Although there were so many meals I forgot to take pics of~ the ones I posted earlier this week were the most memorable.  If you ever have a chance to visit Hawaii, let me know!  I’d love to send you a detailed list of places to go. =D

Hope ya’ll have a nice weekend!! xo

from my favorite boba place in ala moana mall~ pineapple orange slushie with boba.  YUMM


chocolate galore~~~my mama always buys mike’s family boxes of chocolates to send her love.


ice cream and my ever growing belly… *sigh *


homemade deliciousness from mama chang


Big City Diner in Ala Moana

My parents live near the beach in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of tourists, surfers and locals.  And ALL THIS TIME, I never knew about Big City Diner which is only 1 block away from their place!  cray.

Big City Diner is just that~ a diner.  But the food was solid, the prices were great and the customer service was amazing.  (you know how i like my customer service ppl)  We ordered their wings, kimchi fried rice, and the Big Burger.  Everything was REALLY good.  My mom was surprised at how delicious the kimchi fried rice was (since it seems like a diner would  have butchered it).

If you go to hawaii, this isn’t the first place I would recommend~ but if you want American food and something familiar~ Big City Diner is a really solid spot.  xo
20141227_175057 20141227_175638


using my new selfie stick for the first time!!  (i obviously look super unflattering…gotta figure out how to take better selfies with this thing)


 a little family fun =)


Dessert in Oahu: Bubbies and Waiola Shaved Ice

As much as I love the food in Hawaii…the desserts are in their own bomb category.  The first few years I visited, I tried all the “touristy” places: dole plantation pineapple ice cream, matsumotos shaved ice, leonards donuts, etc.  But starting last year I started to find a lot of local treats that have blown me away~~ my top two faves: Waiola Shaved Ice and Bubbies.


Waiola has the SOFTEST shaved ice ever.  It’s like you’re eating snow.  You can get it with ice cream at the bottom, with li hing powder on top and of course~ any syrup combo you desire.  I always get normal shaved ice with 2-3 syrups and no extras.  lol boring i know…


oh Bubbies.  so you can get lots of different things at bubbies but i would VERY STRONGLY recommend getting the mochi ice cream.  they are TO DIE FOR.  literally.  I’ve had about 5 different flavors and each one has made my taste buds dance for joy.  what the flavor says on the menu is EXACTLY what you taste.  i know that’s how all menus should be…but some desserts can be totally disappointing.  Bubbies is not that place my friend…

There’s nothing special about the restaurant ambiance, service or even the location.  it’s just the mochi ice cream that will literally send you to another planet.  LOL  convinced yet?? ^^


Masubi Cafe Iyasume


oh glorious masubi cafe…my life was changed after coming here.  there was an extensive menu selection and everything we ordered was AMAZING.  Masubi Cafe was tucked away inside the Aqua Pacific Monarch Hotel in Waikiki so without yelping it beforehand, I never would have found it!  (what a pity that would have been).  My brother and I were on a food tour so I didn’t get to order as many items as I wanted (had to save some stomach space for desserts, ramen, and more!)…but I still managed to get a double tuna masubi, one bacon egg and avocado masubi, and one bacon and egg masubi.  SO GOOOOD.  Miso soup came free with our orders and it was the perfect amount of saltiness to go with the small bites.  OH MAN…I can’t believe it took me so long to find this place.  my life has literally been changed.  lol  can’t wait to go back and try more items on the menu when i’m not preggers!! xo

20141228_134827 20141228_140859 20141228_140905

Jimbos Udon

Jimbo’s Udon in Honolulu is a local favorite and a total hidden gem.  Unless my brother took me there, I never would have known to check it out.  The noodles are handmade and incredibly chewy.  Normally the line is crazy and there’s a long wait, but we came kind of late for dinner and was able to get seated after only 10-15 minutes of waiting. =D

My mom and I both ordered the curry udon and my brother ordered cold udon (soba style).  I would actually highly recommend getting the cold udon because the noodles are much chewier and tastier.  The udon in the curry broth came out a little soft, which was still good but not as amazing as the cold dish.  The normal udon looked amazing as well~~

The service was incredibly friendly, the food came out fast and I LOVED the handmade noodles.  Check this place out if you’re in the area!

20141226_200303 20141226_201743 20141226_202040


(*lighting was pretty bad for photos in the restaurant so i’m sorry for the yellow pictures! Bottom photo from yelp)




This weekend was incredibly relaxing and exactly what I needed to recharge.  My bestie from norcal came to visit and we literally ate and ate and ate for 36 hours.  *whew*

For our last meal together for her flight we went to BLD on Beverly Blvd.  This place is a solid brunch spot in LA and they are incredibly dog friendly (which we love).

My friend and I ordered the fried egg sandwhich (ahhhmaaazinggg) and the french toast with strawberries, sour cream and crumbled graham crackers.  Holy moly…best french toast.  Ever.  I rarely order sweet breakfast items But this was phenomenal. 

If you’re looking for a yummy, casual, “LA” brunch spot~~~ check out bld!  It’s also incredibly close to the grove and Beverly center for shopping afterwards. :)


oh good ‘ol zippy’s.  I would have to say this is equivalent to a denny’s, coco’s or mimi’s cafe in California.  The food is solid, the service is fast and the ambiance is very “diner”.  BUT I have absolutely no complaints because I love their food.  The first few years I came to Hawaii everyone told me Zippy’s was a chain and it wasn’t worth going to… UH but I beg to differ.  I don’t think they realize how BOMB their Korean Fried Chicken, Chili and Portuguese sauce plates are!!  After discovering the food here, Zippy’s is a MUST HAVE stop on my annual food tour there.

If you’re in Hawaii~ you have to stop by.  Everything I’ve tried on the menu has been bomb and I just can’t get enough of the food! =) xo

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