Overland Cafe in Culver City

Overland Cafe was one of my favorite brunch places on the westside.  Not only was it just a few blocks away (walking distance) but their food was good and their unlimited champagne brunch was cheap and bomb.  The restaurant expanded which meant that the SUPER LONG wait was reduced to only 5-10 minutes long.

This last Saturday…something really annoying happened.  Our entire meal was $50 and we put 3 cards down (split by three, easy right?).  But no…the cashier charged each of us $50.  I went up to him and explained the situation and he didn’t apologize.  Instead he just explained he misread the waitresses’ handwriting and thought the bill was $150.  uhh…ok?  Very long story short, the entire conversation wasn’t a good experience.  He seemed every nonchalant about the error and acted like we were weird for being concerned.  Our waitress ended up being a manager and explained the situation and how they could fix it.  We felt better after listening to her but it still didn’t make the situation any better.

We left  no tip and had a bad taste in our mouths as we were leaving.  I was sad about it because I really loved Overland.  Customer service is everything and well…apparently Overland doesn’t think so.

I would say~ go at your own risk and pay with cash.


Huevos Divorciados

–really really good.  i had it with over easy eggs.  It was really good and I thought that soft scrambled eggs would have been delicious too.


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Greek/Mediterranean Feast: Pita Bar

Last week Markel made the most delicious feast with greek salad and lamb pita pockets last month and I just had to share.  Each part of the meal was so thoughtfully put together.  Here’s our spread below!

Greek Salad with Greek Olives, Onions (soaked in ice water to cut the edge off), feta cheese, onions and romaine lettuce.  TO DIE FOR DELICIOUS.

IMG_0558 IMG_0559

markel made his own hummus!  it was SO good.  better than any store bought one i’ve ever had.  he made it a little heavy on the garlic as well since that’s what i love <3

(simliar hummus recipe here)

IMG_0560 IMG_0561

marinated lamb cut into really juicy bites for the pitas or just to eat with the pita and hummus.  YUMMY  Mike loves to cook untraditional meats like lamb and veal.

paired this entire meal with a red wine (not the best one, but it did the trick)


here’s a picture of our “pita bar”.  SO YUMMY.  This is definitely something i can’t wait to eat again soon.


Thirsty Thursdays: Shadow Ridge California Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

meh.  that’s all i can say for this one.  i didn’t love it.  i might feel differently if i were eating steak or a rich pasta with it.  but i just wanted to sip on something before dinner and this was…meh.  the wine is light in texture, a bit acidic and has notes of chocolate, blackberries, etc… but i just don’t love it.

i got this bottle for free for my 30th birthday (i stayed at the shadow ridge in palm desert) and was REALLY excited to try it.  but…*shrug *  i can’t say much.  they also gave me a white bottle that i’ll review later.  but if it’s anything like this one… it’ll be disappointing.


Cheeky’s in Palm Springs

 My last meal in Palm Springs was at Cheeky’s.  I heard SO MUCH about this place and couldn’t wait to try their bloody marys!  The wait for C’s can be really long (35-60min) and they don’t take reservations.  boy…

overall i really liked cheeky’s.  i’d totally recommend it to people and feel like it’s a part of the palm springs experience.


FINALLY trying their bloody mary’s!  It was a little strong for my taste, but it was still good.  The vodka soaked veggies were a nice touch.  i was disappointed it didn’t come in the iconic boot.

IMG_0490 IMG_0491

eggs benedict on cheddar biscuits.  REALLY REALLY good.


bacon sampler was $5.  the samplers had different marinades on there.  to be honest…it all tasted the same: like bacon.  But i did like the nodine applewood and jalepeno flavors the best.


mike got a crab cake burger was not good.  dont’ get it.  flavorless and there needed to have a crunch in the burger or a really great sauce.


the birthday cake i got the night before was eaten at brunch the next day.  people were so full we saved it for brunch. <3


there’s something about this city that totally sucks me in.  i’m obssessed with the palm trees, hot weather, the gorgeous home decor stores and lounging by the pool.  if you make your way to to the city, i highly recommend staying at a boutique hotel like The Colony and brunching at Cheeky’s. =)  Happy Summer Everyone!

Tommy Bahamas in Palm Springs/Palm Desert

For my 30th birthday I went to palm springs with 35 of my closest friends. <3  It was the most amazing trip (stayed at the Marriott Shadow Ridge) with good food, pool time fun and games.

 For dinner I wanted to go somewhere close by, easy to drive to, and easy to find parking (free parking).  Tommy Bahamas was just that place.  The staff were incredibly friendly, accommodating and helped me set up a menu and price plan and let us use a private patio.  The area where we ate dinner was gorgeous and I’m so glad we had it there. the restaurant even printed menus with my birthday theme on there and a prefixed menu for my guests to choose from.  (it was $45 per person including tax, tip, non-alcoholic drinks, and dessert)

Overall, TB was a nice place to have a big dinner party and i’m really happy with how everything turned out.  there were some mediocre parts (they charge you a service fee for reserving with a person, but never tell you, there are crickets in the bathroom, the dessert is NOT good), but overall the service and the ambiance were perfect for this 30th birthday dinner.

now, on to the food!


Filet Mignon

(REALLY delicious.  the steak, the mashed potatoes, and the broccoli)

tiger shrimp pasta

(meh…too much going on.  slap you in the face flavor)


my lovely coconut cake for my birthday <3

(it was aiite.  i think i had 1 bite and stopped)


the bite of dessert for the guests

(didn’t get to try it but no was raved about how delicious it was…so *shrug *)


 my amazing friends <3



La Dijonaise in Culver City


i did something that i RARELY if ever do…i went to a restaurant and ate by myself.  it had been years since i went to la dijonaise in culver city and my first trip there was aiite.  i can’t even remember what i ordered…  recently i decided to give it another go and i’m super glad i did.

i ordered a tuna melt on french bread.  the tuna melt was to die for.  i’m not sure what they put in the tuna salad but it was DELICIOUS.  i think what really sealed the deal was the french bread. it was super tasty, flaky crust, and perfectly chewy.

LOVED this meal and i can’t wait to go back.

Thirsty Thursdays: Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Muscat Canelli 2012

My friend brought this muscat over for the fourth of july weekend and it was the perfect dessert to our southern bbq meal.  the muscat was thick, rich, sweet, and had a beautiful bouquet of fruity flavors.

I would recommend this wine only if you love sweet, thick dessert wines.