Wurstkuche in Venice

This last weekend Markel and I celebrated a good friend’s birthday at Wurstuche in Venice.  I’ve only visited the Little Tokyo location and hadn’t been in years, so it was really nice to try out the Venice chain.  I forgot how delicious the fries and dipping sauces were, and how soft the bread for the sausage was.  Since I’m preggo I wasn’t able to eat a meat sausage and stuck with a veggie one instead.  =(  I have to say…it was NOT the same.  The meat ones are way better.  *sigh *

Mike ordered Duck with sauerkraut on top.  He died and said it was amazzzzing~~

The entire restaurant had the same industrial feel as the downtown location, and the selection of beer was incredible.  Mike and his friends ordered different kinds that all came in their own unique glasses.  REALLY fun touch~ and kept the experience spicy.

The back room to Wurstkuche is huge and great for large parties.  The lighting is really intimate as well and we saw tons of people on romantic dates tucked into the corner/wall tables all over the restaurant.

If you’ve never been to Wurstkuche, I totally recommend it!  Great food and experience~


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Lee’s Sandwiches


I had Veteran’s Day off yesterday and I ran tons of errands from 8am-12pm.  Crazy since on a normal day off I would have slept till noon… but I digress…

On my way home from dropping off my car at the mechanic’s, I spotted a LEE’S SANDWICHES in Van Nyus!!  I am obsessed with the bread and banh mi sandwiches here so despite the fact that it was only 8:30am, I ordered egg rolls, BBQ Pork Banh Mi and an Iced Coffee with Boba.  LOL

OH don’t worry, the ladies behind the counter definitely judged me.

Most people were ordering breakfast sandwiches or pastries to go with their coffees…but this party of 1 decided to order as many things as possible before heading back over the hill to West LA.  =D

I didn’t get a picture of the entire order but here are my egg rolls and my coffee.  =D  oh Lee’s…how much I love you.  Now that I know this place is SUPER close to mike’s work~ i’ll be making frequent dinner requests.  hehe

xoxo If you haven’t checked out a Lee’s Sandwiches PLEASE DO.  They’re usually in orange county only, but this is the first one I’ve seen outside of OC.  They are known for their incredible bread, banh mi, iced coffee and pastries.  *drooool *


Noshi Sushi in Koreatown

PicMonkey Collage2

i FINALLY got to try noshi sushi last week and i’m soooo freaking happy i did.  The spicy tuna cut rolls and hand rolls were amazing~~ and so was the blue crab roll.  The ladies and I munched away on these delicious bites along with miso soup, cucumber salad, green tea and extra ginger.  The wait to get in was cray and the service was hard to get (the waiters are running around everywhere), but it was all worth it.  Spicy Tuna Rolls for under $6?? Sign-Me-Up.

Let me say tho…that Sugar Fish and Sasabune are still superior but Noshi’s prices are pretty hard to beat anywhere else.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood, I really recommend checking Noshi out.

WARNING: Cash Only!


Okrumong in Koreatown


Went to Okrumong this past Sunday for late night dessert and it was SO delicious.  The ingredients are incredibly simple and everything comes in the traditional Korean metal dishware from hundreds of years ago.  We didn’t get the cold metal spoons above, but that’s cool… next time. =)

Now back to the dessert!

We ordered the black sesame shaved ice that came with red bean and rice cakes on the side, as well as the traditional red bean shaved ice.  I liked both, but I have to say that the black sesame blew me away.  I’m normally a huge black sesame fan so perhaps that’s why?  But I’m obsessed with the nutty flavor!

If you’re in ktown or interested in trying out a new dessert place, check out Okrumong!  (next to kyochon chicken)



Yero Shop in Downtown LA

Halal Cart in NYC is a huge staple that all tourists and natives of New York know about it.  In the short trip that Mike and I were there last May, we managed to have it 2x in like a 2 day span.  Kinda sick…but Kinda awesome.

About 8 months ago a place in LA opened up near hollywood that was supposed to be just like Halal but apparently it was a huge let down.  *sad *

THEN just about 1-2 months ago Hero Shop in downtown LA created a chicken and rice bowl that is BOMB.  They serve it late night from 7-10pm Tuesday through Saturday.  Markel and I hit it up a few fridays ago and melted as soon as we started to eat it.  We got the mixed meat (Lamb and Chicken) bowl.  Seriously…it was the best thing we had since Halal Cart and the most comparable dish we’ve had.

Markel thought the meat was more flavorful at Yero Shop and I thought the hot sauce was way better (since the Halal cart hot sauce burns your mouth).

We LOVED the chicken & rice bowl at Yero Shop (get it…??) and can’t wait to go back there soon!

If  you’re in the downtown area, or just want a BOMB meal, check it it out!!

Hero Shop turns into Yero Shop

130 E 6TH ST.



BOMB white sauce and Hot Sauce



You order the bowl inside of the restaurant (along with any drinks), and then you take the ticket outside.  There’s indoor and outdoor seating which is really nice.


Bibimbap at Seoul House of Tofu

sometimes i get REALLY strong cravings for Korean food.  i think it’s because it was my staple growing up, so as an adult it’s weird not to eat it at least once a day.  the korean food on the westside definitely leaves you wanting…but the drive to ktown during the week is just cray.

i tried seoul house of tofu recently and it was ok.  the place was super clean, service was friendly and i was seated and served immediately.  the side dishes were typical (nothing to rave about) and the bibimbap was decent (again, nothing to rave about).

it did really hit the spot though… so that’s a plus!  i’d be interested in coming back and trying a few more dishes before i make my final decision about this place~~ but for now~~ it’s aiite.