Meet in Paris, downtown Culver City


i got the all you can eat muscles + fries and it was really good.  i had a lot of fun with the food, the ambiance, and trying some of the 17 different types of muscles!

my favorites were the alaskan and the lobster bisque.  i tried about 5 different kinds and these were HANDS DOWN my favorite.

also had a bite of the burger and it was good (not great).  service was also PAINFULLY slow.  not sure why.  they were really friendly but getting refills on water and bread…forget about it.

next time i really want to try the madam croque

parking can be quite a pain so make sure to allot some time for that.  always park in the garages if you can!

(sorry for the bad pictures.  i took them with my phone and the restaurant lightly was dim)


yummmmmmmmmm the muscles and fry combo were clutch


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Lolindas in Mission, San Francisco

Went to Lolindas in SF two weeks ago and it was PHENOMENAL.  I always compare restaurants to Rustic Canyon b/c to me, that’s my go-to place in LA.  Lolinda is seriously in the same tier and I can’t wait to go back!!

l (9)

amazing cocktails at the bar.  i think i had about 3 different ones and they were all perfect.  mixology is no joke~~ the strangest combinations seriously create the most perfectly balanced cocktail.


the lighting inside of the lolinda wasn’t very camera/photo worthy~ plus my party was HUNGRY HUNGRY so these pics are from Lolinda’s Yelp page (thank you fellow fatties!).  absolutely EVERYTHING was amazing and i recommend it all!

Bone Marrow

l (1)


l (2)

l (3)

empanadas~ we tried all of them with each of their sauces.  i think the chicken was my favorite.

l (5)

mixed meat plate

l (6)

grilled octopus salad (my FAVORITE dish of the night)

l (8)

we ordered a bunch of other small plates and literally…everything was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  the entire night was filled with good food, friends, cocktails and service.  We sat upstairs where it was cozier and quieter~ which we loved.  made us feel like we had a private room or something in our corner.

if you’re in the area or visiting, you HAVE to check this place out.  parking can be a pain~ but they have valet!  plus there are tons of bars in mission that you can go to after dinner. =)  the perfect night out with friends if you ask me.

Thirsty Thursdays: Benefactor Cellars Chardonnay 2012 (South Eastern Australia)

Yummayyy~~ I really loved this wine.  It was only $4.99 and I was really impressed.  Sweet, incredibly smooth (rich body) with citrus notes.

REALLY liked it and would buy it again!


Teasia K-Cup Teas


I was lucky enough to try these k-cups over the weekend and I totally loved each one of these!  The Roasted Oolong Tea was my favorite and the Black Tea was Markel’s favorite.


Mike and I did a really fun “tasting” of all the teas together and loved each of them.  The oolongs were light and mild.  The black tea was strong with a slight bitterness.  And the green tea tasted…like classic green tea.  I”m not a huge fan of the matcha green tea flavor so this was PERFECT.  It was milder and delicious.


beautiful colors right?!

One cool tip Teasia taught me was that you can run the k-cups through twice!  So after the first round of hot teas, I ran each of them through for iced tea and it was really refreshing.  I liked that the tea was a bit lighter and that you could use one cup twice.  (uhh hello budget friendly!)

I’m pretty addicted to coffee but as I’m trying not to drink it past 12pm.  These Teasia K-Cups have been the perfect afternoon pick me up in the office and at home.  LOVE the flavors and the fun I had with the stronger and lighter versions.


Mulberry Street Pizzeria

i know i post about this place frequently…but it’s just THAT freaking amazing/delicious/addicting.  this last time markel and i had it, we paired the pizza with a chopped salad and LOVED it.  we’ve tried a few of their pizzas, but keep coming back to the pepperoni one.  there’s something about this crust that is phenomenal.  They fly the dough in from NYC!



Blockheads on Sawtelle

i know…i write about this place often and VISIT this place a few times a month (eek).  but it’s just THAT amazing.  after a few visits, i got my order DOWN.  i always get strawberry shaved ice, with strawberries and strawberry puree.  OR black sesame shaved ice with strawberry puree and strawberries.  SOMETIMES i splurge for their homemade rice balls (to die for) but i usually keep it simple.

SO FREAKING AMAZING.  it’s the one place we HAVE to go to when my brother flies in from hawaii.  he always gets the green tea mix (menu option #2) and replaces the red bean for lychee.

if you haven’t tried blockheads, you’re seriously missing out.  it’s the most delectable shaved ice (i believe it originated from taiwain) and it feels like clouds in your mouth.  so fluffy, perfectly sweet, and so flavorful!  the shaved “ice” (i think it’s frozen condensed milk) comes in a huge cup but it’s the way the shaved ice is layered.  you’ll be licking the bowl in like 10 seconds after you can’t stop shoveling it in your mouth.  i swear…this is dessert crack.



Helpful Guide: What the Pair with Tuscan Sangiovese

i kind of feel like all wine goes with food.  it just depends on what you are in the mood for and what you prefer.  so it’s really helpful to find little pictorials on what you SHOULD pair certain wines with.  i found this really helpful so i thought i’d share. xo