Magnolia Baker’s Banana Pudding

2015-04-26 17.29.10

holy moly…so freaking delicious.  i had heard so much about magnolia’s bread pudding and most recently i finally got the chance to taste it.  and well… blew my socks off.  I could have eaten an entire large container in one sitting.  possibly two.  normally bread pudding is too sweet, soggy, etc.  but this one…JUST RIGHT.  not too sweet, the banana isn’t over powering, and the bread is moist.  *drooool *

if you have a chance to go out to third street and la cienega (near the beverly center)~~ you MUST stop by here.  you will NOT regret it!

markel and i ordered a red velvet cheesecake and a lemon cheesecake along with a small bread pudding container… meh.  they were in no way comparable to this cheesecake.  next visit i wouldn’t mind trying some of the cakes~ they looked LEGIT.

Brodards Restaurant in Westminster

Brodards is one of my FAAAVORITE stops when i’m in orange county.  they have the best spring rolls in the world.  LOL  not an exaggeration.

there are 2 brodards in OC~ Chateau and Cafe.  The menus for both are a little different and i believe the cafe one is cheaper.  BUT I would recommend going to the Chateau over the Cafe.  The menu is better, the food is better and I like the fancier atmosphere.  The cafe is crazier and the service isn’t as good.

if you haven’t tried Brodards…you’re seriously missing out.  re-arrange your weekend plans to check these spring rolls out!! lol  (kidding but not really kidding…)



Link Restaurant

for my friends surprise engagement brunch (after the proposal) we met at Link in Beverly Hills.  this was the perfect location to have an surprise brunch with bottomless cocktails, chill vibes and really friendly staff.  felt like a “bro” staff that was super nice and gave us a ton of space to celebrate the engagement. really sweet of them to do that.


hot mess fries~~ love the name and the dish.


san diego burrito–really good~ loved the salsa verde sauce it came with too.


Golden Gate Sandwich–good not AMAZING.  the toasted sourdough bread was really tasty tho.


i would be interested in going back and trying their normal lunch/dinner menu.  not totally impressed with their brunch selections but i loved the bottomless mimosas, sangria and mojitos. =)  next time when baby blair is born i will be indulging in MANY more of those brunches. =D

Here are some pics of the surprise engagement below. <3  such a fun morning to spend with friends, celebrating a momentous occasion for the sweetest and cutest couple ever!

IMG_3086 IMG_3093 IMG_3097

Monkey Business Cafe in Fullerton, CA

2015-04-12 11.39.08

Went to brunch at Monkey Business cafe in Fullerton this past Saturday and LOVED it.  Not only was the service fantastic, the food was good (not 5 stars but solid) AND the cafe is partially non-profit (helping at-risk youths).   I would totally go back there and try out the rest of their extensive menu.

we ordered the veggie omelette, the berry waffles and acai bowl.  YUMMY.

Really sweet staff and rustic atmosphere.  If yo’re in the area check it out!


Donut Man in Glendora

Do you know the donut man, the donut man, the donut man…

if you’ve never heard of the donut man in glendora and live in socal~ drop everything and drive over there NOW.  the donut man has a big variety of donuts that are all good.  but their specialty donuts are to-die-for-delicious.  think i’m exaggerating?  go try the strawberry filled donut below and your tastebuds will thank me forever.  i could eat 4 of these in one sitting if i weren’t afraid of getting diabetes.  each filled donut is $4 and i swear you can’t just eat one.

the strawberry filled donuts are seasonal so if you go when they aren’t around~ i would recommend trying the tiger tail donut or any of the regular ones available.  BUT…there’s really no point in going to donut man if you’re not going to get the strawberry filled ones below.  it’s like going to KFC and not getting any chicken.  don’t be cray.

expect the line to be wrapped around this small building and pay in cash.  other than that…the donut man experience is WORTH IT people.  i’d wait an hour in the rain to gobble up 4 strawberry filled donuts.  (…only if i wasn’t afraid of cavities and diabetes)

20150222_142352 20150222_142416

Strawberry Cupcakes + Cream Cheese Frosting


i’m going through a strong berry/strawberry phase and this seemed like the ULTIMATE way to indulge. =D  Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and strawberries on top.  *drooool *   I won’t go into detail about how many of these I may have eaten on my own, or how I made them (since it wasn’t from scratch)… but just know that this combo is to die for delicious.  lol


Happy Monday Ya’ll~~ LA is going through an interesting heat wave kinda week.  What happened to spring??