Ode to the Hamburger

Ever watch the food network or some well produced commercial of monstrous hamburgers with juicy patties, a myriad of perfectly blended toppings and a lightly toasted bun to contain it all?  In order to get this blog off to a memorable start…here is my tribute to the top 5 best hamburgers I’ve ever had:


Exclusive to California, this is the must have of all tourists and Californians.  The bright flashing lights and permeating aroma brings diners from miles around.  What’s their secret?  None of the ingredients are frozen~ fries, lettuce, and tomatoes are freshly cut and prepared in front of you.  Hamburger patties are delivered daily~  =)

Pub Crawl 654

HOLE IN THE WALL   (West Los Angeles, CA)

This is my biggest and most exciting find in LA!  Tucked behind a doughnut shop in a neighborhood, this mom and pop burger joint has mastered the hamburger.  With an urban, architecturaly designed establishment, Hole in the Wall offers a “built-it-yourself” hamburger so each patron can custom design it to their own taste.  Their homemade ketchup and zucchini pickles set this place apart from other such restaurants like The Counter.  My personal recommendation: Beef Patty, Pretzel Bun, All the fixins with either Mushrooms or Bacon/Avocado for their extra toppings.

Another bonus?  Hole in the Wall offers an economic stimulus of daily specials like free soda or cookie =)



ALI BABA’S   (Davis, CA)

The Sourdough bun is this restaurant’s specialty.  Pair it with the steak fries and their delicious bbq sauce…*drool*

Weekend Getaway in LA 1391

FATHER’S OFFICE   (Santa Monica/Culver City, CA)

Voted number one in the Los Angeles region, this heavenly delight is a little taste of heaven.    Many newbies are thrown off because this burger doesn’t have the traditional ketchup, lettuce and pickles.  Rather, this famous burger comes on a french roll, topped with spinach, barbeque sauce and caremlized onions.


Father’s Office is also famous for their garlic and sweet potato fries.  They come in these adorable shopping carts and are perfect size for sharing.




The only way to eat these delictable babies?  With bottomless steak fries (dipped in their special made honey mustard), washed down with their famous strawberry lemonde!

Whiskey River® BBQ Burger


Bleu Ribbon Burger


Guacamole Bacon Burger


Sautéed ’Shroom Burger



What’s next?  I have yet to try the famous Apple Pan!  I’ll let you guys know how that goes~

The Apple Pan

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