Broken Yolk

Out of all the breakfast/brunch places I’ve ever been to in the world, this place has to be in my top 3.  Located in San Diego, the walk-in wait can be up to 2 hours on the weekends.  The crowd is beachwear trendy and EVERYONE is wearing sunglasses (it’s the SD right of passage).  Broken Yolk is a place where you have to sit on the roof deck, order a carafe of mimosas and indulge in a great breakfast.  Some will get egg whites with non-fat everything, but you only live once right?  Just order extra fruit on the side or ride your beach cruiser here, but I guarantee you WILL NOT regret ordering your stomach’s greatest desire. Here are some dishes we ordered for my bff’s 25th birthday.

IMG_4520.jpg picture by estchang IMG_4519.jpg picture by estchang

IMG_4525.jpg picture by estchang IMG_4524.jpg picture by estchang


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