Homemade Lovin’: Manaccotti

I came home from work last night to find Markel in my kitchen making the most delectable three cheese manaccotti I had ever had for me and my roommie Patron.    He again, found a recipe and then added his own spices and special touch to  make it his own.

Patron, Markel and I got free passes to an early movie screening for Youth in Revolt in Century City.  So while Patron was waiting for us at the theater, Markel carefully wraps three stuffed manaccottis, three pieces of garlic bread and utensils for her to devour at inside the theater plus a bottle of aqua~~ xoxo

The Ingredients

Stuffing the shells

Lying in an irresistable bed of marinara sauce

Marinara Blanket

Mozzarella and Parmesan Top Coat

*drooool * Garlic Bread

Classy Fruit Punch and Coke =P

FINALLLY!!!  (cooking time…40 min.  not so short when you’re starving)


I devoured this plate in 2.5 nano-seconds.  Needless to say, dishes like this are why I have gained almost 10lbs since April.


Thanks Markel ❤


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