Pacific Fish / Redondo Beach, Ca

From Sight Tasting

131 Fishermans Wharf
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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Redondo Beach, CA 90277″,”corrected_address”:”131 Fishermans Wharf, Redondo Beach, CA 90277, USA”,”lat”:”33.8387017″,”lng”:”-118.3897132″,”boundsbox”:{“north”:”33.8418324″,”south”:”33.8355372″,”east”:”-118.3865698″,”west”:”-118.392865″}}]});
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After a weeknight dinner at local favorite, Quality Seafood, I decided to walk around the pier to see what else we could nibble on. And nibble on we did! Towards the end of the pier is another seafood restaurant called Pacific Fish, which I’ve vistied a couple years back for the famous boiling crab.

I only wanted something bite size to complement the lobster dinner I had half an hour prior so raw shrimp aka sweet shrimp was in order! Not for the squirmish, sweet shrimp is considered a Japanese sushi delicacy with the price tag to earn that reputation.

I’m used to having my fresh raw sushi served already dead, but this was a new experience for me. Eating raw shrimp isn’t for many people. In fact, I know some folks who love these things, but if it’s still moving, they’ll back down.

At $34.99 lb, these suckers may be well worth it if you’re a fan of sushi. They are served raw. Very raw. I mean the kind of raw that still wiggles as you’re pulling their bodies apart from the still ungulating heads. Yes, this is sushi at it’s finest! I couldn’t stop feeling pretty darn evil for what I was doing. The thought of an episode of Shwotime’s Dexer crossed through my head once. Kind of hard not to think like that as you’re ripping the bodies off of the heads and noticing these little feelers moving beneath the semi translucent shells.

Yes, I should be prosecuted for cruel and unusual punishment, but to be honest, this was some of the freshest sweet shrimp I’ve ever had.

To top things off, once you’re done eating the body, the severs will deep fry your shrimp heads for some more daring adventures. You won’t have to worry about the shrimps coming back for revenge. Once deep friend, these heads become extremely crunchy and tasty. Then again, what’s not good deepfried?


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