Mexican Fruit Stand

Have you ever driven around and seen the beautiful, welcoming rainbow umbrella?  And underneath the umbrella is a GORGEOUS stand filled with fruit: Watermelon, Pineapple, Hiccama, Cucumber, Oranges, Mango, and melon?  The stands usually sell various amounts for a variety of prices: $2-$6.  The person cutting (usually a male) will cut perfect, bite size morsals and scoop it all up into the bag.  From my own observations,  it looks like quite a talent to eyeball the amounts and cut the fruit while not wasting any part of the fruit.  THE BEST PART??  The fresh squeezed lime juice, chile powder and salt at the very end.  The last ingredients truly bring out the juicy flavor of each fruit.  I personally only like my fruit bags filled with watermelon, mango and oranges.  If you see one of these fruit stands, you HAVE to stop.  don’t think twice, go grab cash and come back if you don’t have it on you~~ because YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!  These fruit stands have been the best aspect of moving to LA and it’s something I crave year round!


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