Helena’s Hawaiian Food in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawai’i

1240 N School St
Honolulu, HI 96817
Neighborhood: Kalihi

WOW…what can I saw about this place except that it was EXCELLENT!!  Before my trip to Hawai’i my friends recommended this spot as a MUST TRY.  Markel and I tried to go there on Sunday after church and we found that it was only open Tues-Fri!  say WHAAAT??  a famous restaurant only open 4 days a week??

So we came back on Tuesday at 10am and found that this hidden genuinely lives up to it’s reputation.  We heard that the lines can get intense (over an hour!) so we came right at opening and found that the restaurant was already filling up fast!  The venue itself is easy to miss and in kinda of a really crazy old strip mall with limited parking.  VERY easy to miss this place.  The spacing and tables are pretty limited and you have to get in and out~ cause the line is intense!

But…onto the good stuff!
When Markel and I sat down, I opened up my trust yelp app and started to read reviews of what other people had suggested.  The waitress saw me and said “oh, I know what you want”.  She suggested we get Menu D (Kalua Pig, Lomi Salmon, Pipikaula Short Ribs & Luau Squid) and Laulau (Kalua pork and fish wrapped in steamed laulau leaves).  This gave us a little bit of everything to try and both of us were STUFFED when we were finished.  I really wanted to try the tripe stew as well, but there were absolutely no room left in my stomach after this meal.

When each menu item came out, we tried each one separately.  Not bad, but it was just aiite.  THENNNN, brilliantly I mixed it all in my bowl with some rice and it was like a food orgasm in my mouth.  The flavors really shone from each item when paired with rice and the pork.  There were also raw yellow/white onions that were were supposed to dip into a sea salt~ we found that eating that with our food really brought out the flavors of the food as well.  Our FAAAVE part of the dishes? The Pipikaula Short Ribs were TO DIE FORRRR.  SO incredibly juicy and flavorful!!

The after meal dessert?  A coconut jello type~ maybe Haupia?  It was delicious none the less.

After the meal, we were happily surprised to see that the big meal was only $23!  It was such a steal~~





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