Blue Cow Kitchen and Bar

Went to Blue Cow Kitchen and Bar with the intention of trying the DineLA menu, but when we saw it, we all decided to order off of it instead.

My overall impression was…Aiite.  The ambiance is amazing, the service was clean and incredibly friendly, and the concept was very new-age organic.  I liked the menu options and the variety of drinks I could order from.  Another random thing I liked was that it seemed to be a really popular happy hour spot for the financial district in the area~ so most of the diners/people at the bar were in suits and business attire.

The wait-staff all wore adorable plaid shirts (of their choosing) and the girls had their hair up in buns.  Although the “uniform” was casual, it really helped set the tone of the restaurant and the decor of chalk board walls, exposed wood and marble really paired well with it.

Now…onto the food!

Our table ordered fries and corn to split for appetizers.  The fries…were too thick (so SKIP!).  The corn (Tamai Farm’s Grilled Corn:
chipotle aioli, cotija cheese & chili powder) was UNBELIEVABLE~~  I wish I could have ordered a plate of it for myself!  It was THAT good.  My french drop sandwich (braised short rib, cave aged gruyere & roasted mushrooms on Dolce Forno soft roll with horseradish crème fraiche & caramelized onion au jus) was INCREDIBLE.  I was really glad I ordered it over a sandwich or salad (which I had been debating).  My only wish was that it wasn’t so salty…but honestly…I wasn’t complaining while I was devouring each bite.

For the other plates ordered, I hate little bites of each and everything was good.  Not, I need to bring my bf back, good.  But it was good enough that I really enjoyed my time and if someone asked what to order, I would have a few recommendations (THE CORN!!).

One fun thing to note, my friend sobby sus got a Kale Caesar salad and it was surprisingly delicious!  I tried to re-create it at home (here) and it was just as delicious.  The Kale salad is something that I plan to incorporate into my regular menu items at home for a really healthy, delicious meal.  Thanks for the idea BCKB! =)




How many girls does it take to cut corn off the cobb?


Kale Caesar Salad with Parmesan Radish, Croutons and shaved root veggies.


Tacos (meh…dun order)


Ahi Tuna Salad


French Dip Sandwich (TOTALLY ORDER! but pair with a cold beer and a veggie/fresh salad)



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