Liliha Bakery in Oahu, Hawaii

 WOWW you HAVE to check out Liliha Bakery the next time you’re in Oahu.

It looks like a dive and when you walk in, you’re confused because it’s a bakery and not a restaurant~ but if you look to the right, you’ll see a row of chairs on the bar with people eating all sorts of delicious things.

 From the Bakery Section

Normal Black Coffee

The BEST sweet Rolls you could eat.  I didn’t think the jelly had any flavor but Markel liked it.  The sweet rolls were perfectly buttered and toasted on the grill.  *drooooooooool *  I could have eaten 100 of these bad boys!

Two Eggs, Portuguese Sausage, Rice

(the portuguese sausage was DELISHH~ I still think rice with every meal that’s non-Asian is weird…but I started to get used to it at this point)

Who hates an extra side of bacon right?  YUMMYY

My big regret is not ordering the Loco Moco which is apparently what Hawai’i is popular for~ *sigh * Next Time.


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