Cabo Cantina on 3rd Street in Santa Monica, CA

Went on a rare date night with Markel this past Friday night!  We grabbed happy hour food/drinks and then headed over to the theatre to watch Dark Knight Rises!

Below: Corona Beers and Watermelon Margaritas.  Happy Hour is a 2 for 1 special with drinks.  LOVE! =P


My Markel ❤


Cabo Rice Bowl with Chicken.  LOVED this!  It was a burrito or tacos without the tortilla.  I asked for extra cilantro and also added some tapatio~ YUMMMM.  Without the additions, it was a little bland so the extra things I added really kicked it up a notch.  The only thing I would have changed?  I would have also ordered a side of tortilla chips and guac.


Markel ordered spicy buffalo wings.  They were INCREDIBLY spicy~~ I would personally skip this order.  Plus it was such a random thing to order at a Mexican restaurant.


Our full table ❤


Overall, great experience.  There wasn’t a great happy hour deal (only on drinks) but I loved the busy atmosphere, the young crowd, and the easy access to the movie theatres within walking distance.





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