Tea Bar in Arcadia, CA


My friends and I went to Din Tai Fung for Sunday Brunch, but the line was out of control (1 hour) and the heat wave was even WORSE!  So…to kill time we decided to hide out inside the Tea Bar (next door).

The Tea Bar was a delightful surprise find.  The drinks were incredibly refreshing, the fries were a first (it had a spicy seasoning I’ve only ever had on popcorn chicken) and the restaurant was ICE cold. =)  Perfect for refugees like us looking for shelter from the blazing heat wave.

I ordered a Watermelon Green Tea drink with Boba~ YUMMM.  I also loved the grapefruit green tea as well.  Didn’t get to try any of the more traditional drinks but it was exactly what I needed.

The service was friendly (although our waitress was an airhead) and the BEST part was that if you check into the restaurant on yelp you can 10% off your entire check! =)

I recommend this place if you’re in the area, it was a great find and a place that I would appreciate going to more often it only it were closer.  MUCH closer…



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