Half and Half Tea House in San Gabriel, CA

After  Din Tai Fung, my friends and I drove 2.6 miles to the Half & Half Tea house in San Gabriel.  We had really high expectations for this place and their signature “short cups” but…were pretty disappointed to find that this is the only location without it =(

We found a table in the far back and squeezed 6 seats around the tiny 2 person table.  We ordered 6 drinks and found that…well…Half and Half is pretty overhyped and it didn’t really live up to any of our expectations.


The top 10 list for drinks


#1 on the top 10 list: Iced Milk Drink with Chocolate Pudding and Honey Boba (also had Mango pudding).  This was the best in my opinion.  Really tastes like thick chocolate milk with boba and mango pudding.


I ordered #3 on the menu: peach tea with lychee jelly (and added honey boba)

It was refreshing in the heat, but was beyond sweet.  letting the ice melt and water down the drink was the best thing I could do.

Other Drinks:

Milk Tea with Boba –standard flavor

Almond Coffee Milk Tea–*barf * They put in SO MUCH syrup that even when we asked them to add more coffee, it was disgusting.  We exchanged the drink for the #1 drink on the menu.


Coffee Latte with Boba

BOO!  The coffee was incredibly burnt and the drink really fell flat.  Don’t order >.<


I wouldn’t give up on Half and Half just yet.  I want to try another location and see if it was just a fluke (hence the popularity of the chain).  I also really want to drink it out of their short cup!



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