Hara Sushi on Wilshire Blvd, LA, CA

Went to Hara sushi with my roomie the other night and I hadn’t been in quite a while.  They had expanded the venue to accommodate more diners~ but the transition of it was a little weird since there were areas where alcohol was ont allowed to be served.  *shrug *

Anyway…the happy hour there is aiiite.  Beer and some sushi rolls are half off and the food comes out incredibly fast.  The service is friendly and prompt and the venue is incredibly clean.

What I liked were the low prices in the end~ but what I was “meh” about was the quality of the fish coming out.  It wasn’t the best.  Which explains the low prices huh?  My favorite was the salmon sashimi.  Next time…I’ll be sure to order more of it and nix the filler rolls.  =)

Hara is definitely the place to check out if you want low-priced sushi and sake bombs with friends before going to a bar.  It could even be a cute date place.  Is it a super nice dinner restaurant with Sasabune/Sugar Fish quality sushi?  Hells no.







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