Katana Restaurant in Hollywood, CA

I went to Katana for Sobby Sus’ last birthday in LA.  I had never been to Katana and was really surprised at how much I LOVED this place!  It was incredibly luxurious, swanky and the perfect place to celebrate a birthday party.

Unfortunately I don’t remember all the dishes we ordered, but EVERY single dish was incredible.  EVERY single dish I could eat again.  EVERY single dish was made to perfection in flavor profile, presentation and portion size.

More things I loved?  The wait-staff was incredibly attentive, the venue was clean, the food came out promptly and whenever you got up to go to the restaurant~ someone folded up your napkin and put it on your place mat.

The dressing/sauce I loved the most on the dishes below were the ones with “miso” in the description.  I literally died every time I put a bite of fish into my mouth with the miso marinade.  YOU MUST TRY!!

Finally, at the end of the meal, the desserts were also just as incredible as the food.  I’m not a huge sweets person, but I definitely made a dent in each one. =P

One fun part at the end was that we saw Josh Altman and his gf on our way out to SkyBar across the street~ xoxo



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