Kobe by Benihana in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

1841 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96815
Neighborhood: Waikiki

Kobe Steakhouse is a franchise that has the same owner and concept as Benihanahttps://i2.wp.com/o.aolcdn.com/commerce/images/travelimages/wc/34/39877-1.jpg

After my brother got married in Hawaii, my aunt and uncle said that it was customary (in Korean tradition) for a family member on each side to buy them dinner.  So…from the groom’s side, my aunt and uncle were incredibly generous enough to buy us dinner at Kobe Japanese Steak House.

Waikiki Traffic is INSANE~ so those coming from anywhere outside takes them forever to get into the city.  Markel and I waited for almost and hour and a half before we were able to get seated since we needed our full party to arrive.  But never fear…the bar, happy hour menu and cocktails helped us get through our wait ❤

Now, onto the food!  I’ve NEVER seen anything as fun or tastey.  Most people go to Benihana or Todai as kids or sometime in their adults life~ but for me…at the age of 28…I saw the chefs work their magic for the first time.  I was completely transfixed and under the chef’s spell as he made an onion volcano, threw food in the air, cracked eggs with his knife and mixed the food so quickly I couldn’t believe it was going to be my next meal.  Goodness…a free show with our dinner??  AWESOME!  LOL  Here are a few pictures of our meal~ it was pretty smokey so the other ones didn’t come out very well.



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