I am the QUEEN of Sangria!  I love making it, drinking it…and well…is there more to it than that?  LOL  Above is a picture of Sangria I made for a friend’s wedding~

My favorite recipe for Sangria is… (this is all to taste)

(for 8 people)

3 bottles of Red Wine (white/pink is fine)

Half a liter of Gingerale

1/4 Bottle of Peach Juice (from Trader Joe’s)

8-10 shots of Brandy (depending on how strong you want it)

Fruit! (and lots of it!)

–frozen mango slices, berries, strawberries

–fresh apples, oranges, peaches

*The frozen fruit helps keep the sangria cold

**I like to soak the wine, peach juice, brandy and non-frozen fruit overnight so that it all marinates and soaks together.  Right before serving, I’ll add the frozen fruit and the gingerale to complete the BEST sangria of your life.

***Remember if you want it stronger or sweeter, please make to taste and according to your party guests



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