Secret Pizzeria inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel

 Did you know that the Cosmo Hotel (on the same floor as STK) there’s a secret hallway to a pizzeria!  And boy…is this the BEST pizzeria EVERRR.  Especially after partying like a rockstar at marquee, all you’re going to want to do is eat greasy food and PASS the eff out.

Another ace factor that I discovered this past weekend was that if you are staying at the cosmo hotel, you can PRE-ORDER pizza and ask them to deliver it to your room at a certain time (even if you’re not there!!).  So if you order pizza to be delivered at 1am, and you stumble (or gracefully stumble) back to your room after that time, you’ll have piping hot pizza in your room waiting to be eaten!!

Here’s our lovely indulgences at 1am on Sunday.  LOVE this pizza place!!



White Pizza





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