The Lobster in Santa Monica, CA

Last night, I went to the Lobster for dinner.  I had been wanting to try this place for YEARS and was finally able to!  (YAYY!)

We surprised a dear friend for his 30th birthday and made reservations for 8pm.  Unfortunately, we weren’t seated until quite a bit later which was kind of annoying, but I guess they can’t control when people want to chit chat and not leave…

The venue itself was beautiful and since it had the best view of the ocean, it really made the ambiance.  The restaurant itself was dimly lit and was the perfect place for a date.

Now…onto the food!

At the start of the meal they bring you bread and chimichurri sauce.  The chimichurri sauce is DELICIOUS~~ has a garlic kick to it which I LOVE.

Crab cakes for an appetizer.  Didn’t try this one but everyone said it was DELICIOUS~~

Delicious glass of Pinot Grigio

Markel and I split the clam chowder and they brought it to us in separate bowls!  It was so nice.  The chowder itself was delicious and I loved being able to eat the clams straight from the shells.  My only complaint is that there were small rocks inside of my soup that I bit on a few times =(

Oyster Sampler…DELICIOUS.  Loved the horseradish and cocktail sauce but didn’t love the vinegar sauce, it was too sour.

Below is the shellfish platter for 2.  Didn’t try this one but looked delicious!

Markel and I shared a full lobster and the restaurant split it into two.  I got to wear an adorable bib and get my hands dirty~ which I loved.  The Lobster wasn’t anything special.  I thought it tasted like any other lobster prepared at a restaurant or at home.  But Lobster nonetheless is delicious.

Markel was not amused at the pictures with the bib.  He opted not to wear it throughout the meal.  Me?  I embraced it!  LOL

Birthday Boy

Pics of our dinner party ❤





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