Greenview Thai Delivery

I’ve been super sick this week and today I ordered a TON of takeout to help last me through the weekend.  Most people, when they get sick, can’t stomach any food and lose tons of weight.  Me??  HELLS NO, I always have an appetite and I always make sure I have something tasty in the fridge.  Eating well goes hand in hand with recovery!!  (right?)

Here’s what I ordered =)


Spring Rolls & Egg Rolls

Tom Yum Noodle Soup

and my free thai tea boba!  needless to say, this food will help me on my way to recovery right??

As for the food~ Delicious.  LOVED the spring rolls and egg rolls.  The pho came with meat (which I don’t like) but it was still tasty~~ Haven’t had the Tom Yum soup yet, but it smelled DELICIOUS.



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