Hara Sushi on Wilshire Blvd

yummmmmmmmmmmmm Hara is a very random place that I find myself continuously going back to.  It’s within walking distance of my apartment, the service is fast, and I can’t get enough of the low prices.  Now, I have to warn you, if you go during a super busy time~ you’ll have an 1-2 hour wait.  KILLS ME.  So I go during off times like 530pm or 830pm to get seated faster.  Hara is also going through a weird expansion phase where they have officially knocked down a wall and expanded into the next lot space.  However, the wine and beer license hasn’t been approved for the new additional space (*uhhh *) so keep that in mind the next time you’re there!

Overall, I enjoy this place.  You get miso soup and edamame right when you’re seated and about 3 different people constantly check on you to make sure you’re doing ok.  The food comes out incredibly fast and is tasty.  Not Sasbune tasty, but $8 a roll tasty.  (naw mean?)



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