Milo and Olive in Santa Monica, CA

I had the day off today (for the Veteran’s Holiday) and I met a friend for lunch today at Milo and Olive in Santa Monica, CA.  I know not all the reviews on yelp LOVE it, but I really do!  The food is fresh, the menu changes with the seasons, and I love the service and decor!  My only complaint would be the high prices~but I guess that’s what comes with eating healthy food/fresh veggies, huh?

We ordered a Margherita Pizza and Milo Chopped Salad.  YUMMMM

I’m OBSESSED with the pizza crust at M&O and loved the pizza sauce.  I wish there were a little more cheese and a little less grease, but it really didn’t effect my experience.

The salad was crunchy, fresh, and had ingredients I actually wouldn’t have thought to put together.  I LOVE the salami chunks that are in the salad as well.  It pairs perfectly with the tart dressing.

Photos Courtesy of Yelp


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