Ebisu Japanese Tavern in Little Tokyo, CA

Checked out Ebisu this past Sunday and was pleasantly surprised.  Ebisu is tucked away next to a parking garage in a part of Little Tokyo that I don’t notice very often.  But I’M so glad that a few of my friends suggested we go there.

I would say that the service wasn’t THAT great, but the waitresses were friendly whenever I was able to flag one down.  The food came out quickly and were delicious.  One more con, was that the waitresses kept spraying cleaning products on the tables to clean them, which kind of ruined my food experience since it mingled with the smell of my meal.

Overall the food was good, the prices were incredibly reasonable and the location was perfect.  I would recommend all of you to go!


Seaweed Salad my friend ordered


Miso Soup and Salad that came with my Katsu Don Bowl.


Katsu Don Bowl (Pork Tonkatsu, Egg, Rice, and Soy Sauce)




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