Bar and Kitchen in Downtown LA

This was my second time at Bar and Kitchen in the past year (post here)~ and I have to say…it was a great experience (again).  I’ve heard that the normal menu (non-prefix) isn’t as good~ so perhaps keep that in mind when you dine here?  I have only had the pre-fixed menu since I’ve gone in large groups.

This time I didn’t get to hear what all the menu items were, so hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.

Deep Fried Shrimp and Calamari over Arugula Salad

–DELICIOUS.  I could have eaten the entire platter myself!  Plus the bread they provide at the table is incredible.

Muscles in a Tomato Base Sauce with Pork Belly and Toasted Bread

–The bread alone is to die for.  Pair it with the delicious sauce and muscles and pork belly…you’ll have a party in your mouth!

Bone Marrow~ YUMMMMMM

Salmon with Korean Hot Pepper Sauce and Sauteed Green Beans

Berry Sorbet with Berries on top (and bottom)

–SOOOOOOOO tastey.  It was really refreshing after our heavy meal.

The beautiful birthday girls


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