Makin’ it a Dominos Night

Last week, I was craving a weekend in, so I ordered a ton of pizza and holed up in my apartment alone.  It was pretty awesome.  I cracked open a bottle of wine and caught up on all of my trashy reality shows (thank YOU DVR).  Here’s how ridiculous my Party of 1 pizza order was:

Mushroom and Olive Thin Crust

Hand tossed crust with Mushroom and Pepperoni

(this was BY FAR the best crust EVERRRR.  I’m definitely only getting this one in the future)

Pepperoni and Jalepenos

Salad with Blue Cheese Crumbles and Caesar Vinaigrette

**Dont worry, I did NOT eat all of this pizza in one night.  It just felt good to know I had enough food for the weekend if I chose NOT to leave.  haha**


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