Caffé Concerto in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

I went to a new cafe in ktown on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised to find a fancy dessert bar/cafe/wine lounge/restaurant in one.  My friends and I came over for dessert and we were all incredibly impressed by the decor, the ambiance and the delicious treats.  Although we didn’t’ order any food, the menu looked tasty.

The venue is split into about 4 different rooms and each one has a really distinctive feel.  We went upstairs and had coffee with a party of 8, which can be difficult to get seated~ but at Caffee Concerto, we walked right in.

The coffee and desserts came out fairly quickly and the presentation was really impressive.  We all oohed and aahed over the innovative dishes/teapots/cups/etc.

The prices were double the price of a normal American cafe, but you were pretty much waited on by several staff members so I guess it makes up for it.

I would say that Caffe Concerto is a really cute date place or a fancy tea place you come with girlfriends.

I wouldn’t say I HAD to come back…but it was a great experience.




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