The Last Supper: Sashimi, Miso Stew and Seaweek Salad

This last week of December 2012, Markel and I decided that we should do a body cleanse to help us get the bloat and fat out of our bodies before the New Year.  As our last meal, we bought Sashimi and seaweed salad from the Korean Market~ and I whipped up some miso stew and rice.  To drink?  Root Beer ❤

This little meal was by far the best meal of our lives.  Maybe it’s because we knew this was our last meal, or maybe we were hungry… But we inhaled the sushi, rice, and soup.  And the rootbeer?  Was like liquor from the gods.  Every single thing was SOOO delicious.

The best part?  This entire meal was only about $35 for two!!  So much cheaper and yummier than eating out.







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