Korean Dwen Jang Jiggae (Vegetarian Miso Stew)

For my winter break, I made a huge pot of this stew that I’ve been eating all week.  It’s the most delicious thing everrr.  HAHA if I do say so myself =)

To water, I added a few spoonfuls of miso (or bean curd), then added a few veggies (Zucchini, Tofu, Mushrooms, Bean Sprouts, Kimchi) until it was thick.  Then I made steamed rice and pour it over my bowl.  I’ve eaten this about 10x since I made it and it still makes my mouth melt.

(or it could be the veggie cleanse that I’m on right now…*sigh *)

You can add just about anything to this dish.  My mom loves to add little bits of beef, spam or sausages.  I can eat this all winter long. ❤



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