Tamale Hunt in West LA: Pili’s Tacos and Monte Alban Restaurant

Last week, Markel and I did something really fun: we went on a Tamale Hunt!!  Since Markel and I don’t come from families that make these during the Christmas holiday~we were determined to buy them from as authentic of a place as we could find.


We drove up and down west LA and found 2 places nearby here are our results…

Pili’s Taco’s:

Chicken & Salsa Tamales, Chicken & Mole Tamales, Menudo, Rice, Beans

Pros: Rice, Beans, and Salsa’s were out of this world.  The service was incredibly friendly.

Cons: The Tamales were INCREDIBLY dry and not very thick.

Meh: Menudo was ok.  The broth was super tasty and the onions/cilantro/lime they gave with it was awesome.  It was a little fatty for my taste.  I feel like I’ve had better at other restaurants.


 Monte Alban Restaurant

 This place was…incredible.  Located in the the shadiest, dilapidated shopping center.  M.A. is a hidden gem and once you walk in~ you see a total change.  The service is incredibly friendly.  The aroma of the restaurant…DAMN.  You KNOW that this place is delicious when you walk in.  haha

Order: Veggie Tamales, Mole Tamales, Chicken Tamales

HOLY CRAP.  SO VERY DELICIOUS.  The corn outer layer is incredibly moist and the inside is incredibly delicious.  These were by far the best Tamales of the night.


Our feast of the night!  This was the best night of food ever.




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