Black Hogg in Silverlake, CA

Last week, my friends and I went to Black Hogg (again…it’s turning out to be our fave place to eat!) and tried some of their new menu items.  Black Hogg was initially closed for a few weeks for renovation, and now that it has re-opened~ there are new menu items and a wine/beer bar!

We got some old and new favorites!

–My first time having this grapefruit soda and it was YUMMMMYYY.


Pork Belly Tacos

–SOOOOOO delicious.  Has a bit of a strong kick to it so if you’re spicy sensitive…ask for no salsa.  I ALWAYS have to order these when I go, it’s THAT good.


Our romantic tablescape~ Love the low lighting in this restaurant!


Can’t recall the official name, but it’s Octopus and Chala.  Looked and SMELLED delicious.


Bacon Bites with a maple crema dipping sauce.  You will wish you ordered 3 of these, they are THAT addicting.


Oysters–always a refreshing appetizer to wet your appetite before the meal!


Waiting for our table to be ready =)


Kimchi Bacon Burger…HOLY CRAP.  And Double Fried Fries.  *DROOOOL*


Bread Pudding–MY FAVORITE DESSERT IN THE WHOLE WORLD in general and Black Hogg seriously NAILS it.  The perfect bite is with the crunchy nuts, whip cream, and bread pudding drenched in a cinnamon sauce.  *droool*


Can’t remember the real name, but it’s a Caramel/Butterscotch Creme Brulee.  Similar to the one served at Gjelina in my opinion.  This one was really decadent and indulgent.  WORTH the splurge!


Some pics from the night ❤




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