Zencu in Little Tokyo

On Sunday, we went to Zencu sushi after church to 1) eat lunch and 2) watch the 49ers beat the Falcons!

I’ve only been here a handful of times and each time I think it’s a normal Sushi restaurant.  Nothing incredibly special with friendly service and a really big venue for large groups.  The bento boxes and lunch specials seem to be a great deal.  The two rolls I ordered were like $5 each too, so that was nice.  Overall, my impression was “eh”.  This wouldn’t be my first choice, but I definitely wouldn’t complain to come back.

Below I ordered Spicy tuna and Spicy albacore rolls


Seaweed Salad (my new obsession) that was delicious and on the sweeter side


The gang watching the game on the TIIIIINY TV


The boys


Hans being Hans =)


The fun decor at the little Tokyo shopping complex




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