Gypsy Restaurant in Westwood, CA

On Tuesday, my coworker and I took our other coworker (and college friend) out to lunch in Westwood!  I haven’t been to Gypsy’s in about 4 years and I completely forgot how amazing the food is!  I ordered a Tuna panini and tomato soup.  The tomato soup is hands down, the best tomato soup I’ve ever had.  I’m sure it’s not good for you, but who cares!  Haha  The bread that they make the sandwiches on is UNBELIEVABLE.  It’s crunchy, toasted, delicious and really makes the sandwich.  It’s also perfect for dipping into the soup as well!

When you see Gypsy’s at night, it won’t be the first place you think to go for good food.  There are tons of people smoking hookah outside (and in) and well…it just isn’t my kind of place.  But let me tell you…the menu is incredible.  I haven’t eaten anything there that wasn’t amazing.  The inside decor is aiiite, the service is friendly, and the food comes out quickly.  I recommend this place for awesome food and a great date place (for new couples) since you can walk around Westwood and grab dessert, coffee or a movie afterwards.

If you’re looking for a new place to go, or have always wondered about this place, please check it out! =)




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