Dinner: Trader Joe’s Shepards Pie & Asparagus

There’s a TJ around the corner (farr around the corner) from our place and ever since Markel and I have been back at work, I’ve been trying out new ideas and recipes (100% courtesy of Trader Joe’s products).  It’s amazing how many choices and options you have there!  I’ve been making TJ only dinners this week and here’s one of them: Asparagus w melted low fat muenster cheese, Shepards Pie, Lambrusco Red Wine, and Watermelon for dessert.

SOOO delicious.  This entire meal took less than 30 minutes to prepare and it was REALLY filling.  The melted cheese wasn’t as awesome as shredded cheese being sprinkled, but it did the job.  This was our first time trying shepard’s pie and it was really tastey.  I wouldn’t mind going to a restaurant and trying a fancier version!

As for my favorite part of the meal…the WATERMELON!  Only $3 bucks at trader joe’s for a BIG, Juicy, Seedless one!  ❤



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