Dinner: Trader Joe’s Watermelon, Tomato, Burrata & Onion Salad and Sausage Pizza

I made another all TJ meal this week (Monday Night) and it was SOOOOO yummy.  The combination was hella random, but the food was really really tastey.

First course: Watermelon, Tomato, Burrata and Red Onion Salad with salt, pepper and TJ Balsalmic Vinegar.  This meal was HEAVENLY.  I think I ate most of it myself because I couldn’t get enough of the sweet, savory, salty combo of it all.  Markel hates onions, so that’s why I kept all the ingredients separate so he could eat each thing separately (or with his own combo).  The burrata comes in 2 balls per container at TJs.  For this recipe I probably only needed to use one, BUT we like a little heavy burrata on our food.  ❤



For Pizza, it was just a frozen one from TJs with sausage and peppers.  I think I prefer pepperoni every time over anything else, but I loved the crust of the pizza and the carb fix after the salad really hit the spot.



Below is my new cutting board from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  LOVE IT.  It’s a big bamboo board and it’s so big I was able to do all my chopping on it without having to keep transferring the ingredients.  ❤





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