Post Workout Breakfast

On Saturday I went to the stairs in Culver City with a friend and it was really really hard.  lol  I almost needed to be helicopter-ed out and my lungs burned.  I walked up the stairs and then walked down the hill (like most people seemed to do).  I think I could have done it one more time, but we had a wedding to go to~ so we just did it once.

To treat ourselves, we got coffee and Markel made us a delicious breakfast ❤

I tried something new (based on a blogger’s suggestion): Venti Coffee with a shot of espresso and half and half.  I added a little shot of sugar free vanilla, which is where  I went wrong.  The sugar free stuff is nasty.

I LOVE americanos, so i was curious about coffee + espresso.


Egg, Tomato and Spinach Scramble with Double Fiber Wheat Toast ❤  AND a fruit/veggie smoothie with chia seeds and flax seeds.





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