Annual Sugarfish dinner in Santa Monica, CA

Every Year, I get an email from the Sugarfish gifting me with a free birthday meal (with the purchase of one).  So…as this is one of the best sushi restaurants in LA…Mike and I always go!

Together, Mike and I have visited the downtown LA branch, the brentwood branch, and this year…the santa monica branch.  We are…sugarfish lovers and believers.  ❤  The line is always ridiculously long, so we go to dinner around 6pm to avoid the lines.  It always works!  We wait less than 30 minutes and walk in.

Here’s us with cheesy face while waiting to be seated.


the gorgeous view and the pretty succulents in the waiting area.


I got the Trust Me meal and Mike ordered the Nozawa meal.  Sugarfish is unique in that they have 3 pre-fixed sushi menus to choose from.  Each item is either dressed in a sauce (so they tell you not to use soy sauce) or they tell you that it’s plain and you have the option.  The sushi and dishes come out in a specific order and it’s awesome.

Below is the first of each meal =)  We also got Sake and Beer to share with our meal and it was just…romantic and perfect.


first two dishes: edamame & tuna sashimi


so cute ^^


this is where our meals differ~ Mike got albacore, salmon and scallops.  I just got the albacore and salmon.



Next, Mike got Snapper, Yellowtail and Halibut.  I only got the Yellowtail and Halibut in my meal.


The first handroll: Toro~ then the second is blue crab.  The Blue Crab Roll is TO DIE FOR.  I could eat that one all day.  YUMM.


Picture at the end of our night ❤  It was a really sweet and romantic dinner for two.



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