Nong La Vietnamese Cuisine on Sawtelle

My friend took my out for a belated birthday dinner last week and we went to Nong La on Sawtelle!  I’ve always wanted to try it and I was really really happy I did! =)

We ordered Spring Rolls, Pho and Pork Banh Mi.

The Spring Rolls were good~ the norm.

Pho was good!  It was a unique twist to what I’m used to.  The broth was clean, the noodles were thicker and made of flour.  I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on them (compared to rice noodles), but I liked the new version.

Pork Banh Mi + egg (by the suggestion of the waitress).  The Banh Mi was good~ but the egg…didn’t add much to the sandwich.  I didn’t notice a huge bonus to having it in there.  The bread was great, but I wished there was a little more meat. *shrug *

I think I have to go here one more time before I make a full decision on Nong La.  But so far~ my review is good.  3.5/5 stars.






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