Mandarin House Of Noodle in Temple City

Last Saturday Markel and I hit up a place that I’ve been DYYYING to try called Mandarin House of Noodle in Temple City.  It’s a really random place and well…the decor/ambiance isn’t awesome.  But who cares about that when the food is so bomb?

Based on yelp reviews, we ordered the Beef Soup with Homemade Noodles and the Steak Wrapped Pancake.

I thought the soup was good (mixed in some hot sauce) and the noodles were incredibly chewy.  I LOVED the cilantro and spinach in the soup as well.  The meat was super tender but it was surrounded by lots of fat.  I didn’t mind picking it out, but it was something that Markel really hated.  He thought the soup was too salty and that the noodles were too much (too filling).  BUT…the noodles were my favorite part.  They were super chewy and really made the meal delicious since I tried to get a little cilantro and spinach with each bite. ❤


The steak wrapped pancake was delicious.  The pancake tasted deep fried so that was an extra fatty treat.  When I was little, my dad used to order this for me but it was more of like a “DIY wrap”.  Having it all come together was tasty and reminded me of when I was little.

Markel especially liked these wraps below because he could use as much hoisen sauce as he wanted.  I’m sure he had a tiny bit of wrap with a huge glob of hoisen.  *shaking head*


Overall, this place was good 3.5/4 stars.  I really liked the noodles and wish I could have tried more dishes.  Next time… =)



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