Pitfire Pizza in Downtown LA


Went to Pitfire Pizza in Downtown LA on Saturday and it was…delicious.  Mike and I went to the Westwood location on our first date many many years ago… =P  But I digress…

On Saturday my friends and I ordered a few things to go since we were going to be eating it at the Hollywood Bowl.  We ordered Mint Lemonade (below), Burratta Pizza, Corn Pasta Salad, and this BLHT sandwich.  Minus the Corn Pasta Salad, everything was AMAZINGGGG.  I love Burrata Pizza, so that is always my go-to order.  The BLHT sandwich/panini was a big surprise.  SO FREAKING AMAZING.  The last two items we ordered were on their summer menu lists, so they might be around for long.

The Corn Pasta Salad was…just bland.  Not AWFUL, but there wasn’t a lot going on that made me want another bite. *shrug *

If you go there, order the Burrata Pizza, and if it’s still there, the BLHT.  You won’t regret it!





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