Pinterest Challenge #29

Ever since I saw this on pinterest, I have ALWAYS wanted to make it.  I bought all the ingredients, put it together…and then realized…it was really time consuming and messy.  My entire kitchen floor had panko crumbs.  >.<  Once cooked, I was SOOO excited to try it, only to find…they were just aiite.  Markel laughed the entire time and asked what I was expecting…that these would never be as good as mozzarella sticks.  =(  Oh well…I’m glad I tried it, but these babies won’t be going into my permanent cook book or menu cycles…

Original Version: Click Here

My Version:

Putting them in the oven like this was super messy >.<


We used a Pizza Marinara sauce, it was a good pairing.


The most brown and skinnyt he zucchini pieces, the better they tasted.  Some of mine were thick so they didn’t cook as well.


These look cute and nice…but they were hella hard to make.  I don’t think I’ll ever use this recipe again.



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