Ugo in Downtown Culver City

I went to Ugo recently with my bff and it was incredible!  I hadn’t been there in YEARS so it was a pleasant surprise to see that their food was still amazing~~

Rosemary Bread at the start of the meal~ delic


Margherita Pizza

I Always love Margherita pizzas.  They are my all time fave.  This one had a chewy, doughy crust that I liked.


Prociutto Sandwich with Minestrone Soup

EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD.  The sandwich had grilled peppers and that was amazing.  The minestrone soup looked like it was fresh made and well~ it tasted incredible.  I would highly recommend this!


For Dessert?  Latte + Ice Cream!

I didn’t love the other flavors there, but I did really like Mint Chocolate Chip. =)


I really love this place and I’m excited to go back with Markel ❤



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