School Food in Ktown

Oh man…I’m obsessed with Korean Food but I rarely get to eat it =(

My friends and I went to School Food off of Western Ave and it was a fun experience.  The menu and decor was made to resemble after school foods/snacks in Korea.

Spicy Shin Ramen with Spam~~ I love SPAM.  nuff said.


Fish Cake Soup~~ one of my all-time life faves


Gimbap: Bacon, Tuna, Sardines, and spam

All of them were good.  My only complaint is that the rolls were a little small, but overall they were filling and a delicious treat.


Dukkboki, Fried Potstickers and Korean Sausage… my favorite dish of the night.  I love Korean sausages!


My overall opinion of this place was good, not great.  I loved the concept and the idea~ but the food wasn’t spectacular.  I’m not sure I’d recommend this place to anyone or go back~ but I’m glad I had the chance to try it out.



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