Country Market in Los Olivos

During our wine tasting in Los Olivos, my friends and I hit up the Country Market for lunch.  This wasn’t our first choice, but all the other places had ridiculous lines or bad yelp reviews.  To our surprise…this was the best stop we could have made.  Not only did it have EVERYTHING (drinks, chips, dessert, wine, etc), but it had an air conditioned place to sit for our big group AND we didn’t have to wait in line.


The CHEEEEEESE selections~~ xo


It was RIDICULOUSLY hot when we were wine tasting, so Ice Cream was definitely a welcomed sight~~ (although we forgot to get it on our way out >.< )


The Deli counter + Ice Cream


My tri-tip: I thought it was OK.  The bread was like Garlic bread and the tri-tip was tender with a BBQ sauce.  However… I dunno.  I just wasn’t impressed.


Ham & Cheese

Didn’t get a chance to try it, but my friend said it was DELIC


The Lunch Special: Tri-Tip Sandwich, Chips, and a drink for $9.99


The veggie sandwich was amazing.  I’m definitely going to try to create it at home.  Each ingredient was super fresh and the entire thing was BURSTING with toppings.  It was the perfect cold sandwich to eat on such a hot day.


The Veggie Sandwich & Ham/Cheese Sandwich




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