Cascade Bar & Grill in Santa Cruz

Back in July, I went glamping with friends in Santa Cruz.  The campsite had a ton of different areas so that people could come and do whatever was most comfortable to them: camp in a tent, stay in an RV, stay in a tarp tent, stay in a nice cabin, or stay in a hotel room.  The activities and places to eat also reflect the experience you want to have.  Although we stayed in the tarp tent, we went for a super fancy dinner. =)

Cascarde Bar & Grill was a really delicious, upscale restaurant with a beautiful ambiance, and wonderful service.

Clam Chowder~ always delicious.  I ordered this more because we were in Santa Cruz and seafood in the bay area/norcal area is always tastier (my humble opinion).


The Sourdough bread was RIDICULOUS.  we kept asking for seconds, thirds and fourths!  The butter was also this mix of garlic & artichoke.  SOOOOOO amazing.  We could have only eaten this and been so happy.


I got the Ribs, Coleslaw and Fries.  My mouth literally died and went to heaven.  The ribs were so tender and juicy.  My mouth is seriously salivating just remembering it.  gahh


I can’t remember exactly what this was.  Pulled pork or Pot Roast… but it was AMAZING.  The meat was incredibly juicy, the gravy was like crack and the mashed potatoes were super smooth (and proably full of butter).  YUMM


To top off the night?  S’mores of course!  It took like 3 of our neighbors to help us get the fire going, but once we did…we pigged out on these awesome campfire treats! ❤




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