Westwood Farmer’s Market + Plum Salad & Squash Blossoms

Yesterday I went to the Westwood Farmer’s Market~~ first time in YEARS!  I forgot how wonderful it was.  They had tons of yummy samples and fresh EVERYTHING.  I only bought a few things since farmer’s market items can go bad fast (because they are so fresh and ripe).




My Goodie Bag!  I bought 4 different kinds of plums, chinese dates, 1 white peach, and squash blossoms =)


When I went home, I made a delicious plum salad (with goat cheese, candied walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette) and stuffed squash blossoms!  I felt completely inspired by my farmer’s market purchases =)

Here are my lovely squash blossoms~~


And my AHHHHMAZING 4-plum salad.  This had to be the BEST salad I’ve ever made.  Just sayin…



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