RESQWATER–The Anti-Hangover Drink

I AM IN LOVE with this miracle drinkResqwater comes in this small, skinny bottle and sort of tastes like a weird gatorade flavor.  BUT do not let the taste throw you off~~ this elixir totally prevents/cures hangovers! It’s packed with vitamins (like 500% your daily need) and gives your body the boost it needs to recover/digest/process the alcohol.  When I’m super sloshed, I drink this bad boy and pass out/sleep like a snoring angel.  The next morning, I’m fresh as a flower and ready to start my (work) day. =)

I’ve never had this in the morning (after a wicked hangover has set in), but I can tell you…I’ve definitely give this drink a run for its money with the amount of shots/drinks I’ve had before it.  Resqwater can be found in any small market, gas station, or liquor store.  TRY IT.  Your life will be changed.

My friends and I too a girls trip to San Diego and STOCKED UP.  Here’s a pick from our fridge. =)


I first found out about Resqwater from a yelp event I went to a few weeks ago.  Since then… I’m a total believer.

From the Yelp Event I went to…



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