Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar in Downtown LA

I went to Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar for my friend’s birthday last weekend and it was a great experience .<3

This was my second time here and I really love the ambiance that Blue Cow creates.  It’s in the middle of a business/financial district and the casual/rustic vibe is refreshing.  The waitstaff wears plaid shirts, the food is farmer’s market fresh, and there’s a great selection of drinks on the menu.

I’d give this place 3.5/5 stars.  Love the idea of the restaurant, but I’m not sure it’s worth driving to downtown LA for.  I’d rather go to rustic canyon, westside tavern, gjelina, or akasha.  Great choice if you want a nice, downtown LA place though.

Here’s what we ordered~

Strawberry Lemonade (with Tequila)


Steak Sandwich


Pork Belly Banh Mi Sandwich


Sprinkle Cupcakes ❤


The birthday girl!






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