Galleria Market in Koreatown

On Sunday Markel and I went to the Korean grocery store at Galleria Market & Mall.  The supermarket is in the basement and the food court is on the third floor.  After getting food for the week, we stopped by and grabbed lunch.

Markel ordered Spicy Pork BBQ that came with side dishes, rice and soup.  Everything on his plate was yummy~~ especially the pork!  It was so tender and well marinated.


I ordered a sausage soup that came with side dishes and rice.  SOOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS ❤ xoxo


This food court doesn’t have Award winning Korean food, but the convenience of it, in my book, gets an extra 2 stars.  Parking is free, food is cheap, dessert is next door or downstairs, and well…Markel and I can get whatever we want from 10 different food stations.  It’s pretty awesome.



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