Whenever I see Trimana I always think of cafeteria’s and jail food.  Not fair to lump it all together like that~ but it just means that I never think to eat at Trimana.

This past week, I was in all day training sessions at the UCLA Westwood, Wilshire building that has a Trimana downstairs.  During my training, tons of people came in with food from there for lunch and dinner~ which totally peaked my curiosity.

For my first meal~ I ordered a Christine Salad + Fries.  SOOOOO DELICIOUS.  I was impressed with the large portions and all the ingredients were super fresh.  I will never look down on another Trimana again! lol

Christine Salad: romain lettuce, spinach, blue cheese, grilled chicken, green apples, strawberries, walnuts, and a raspberry vinaigrette.

Extra Crispy French Fries with Homemade Ranch

If you see a Trimana or you get the chance to try it~ I highly recommend this salad!! xo




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