Puppy treats, food and diet for a Teacup Maltipoo

We have had our Beautiful Lucy Bear (teacup maltipoo) for about 3 weeks now and after talking to many friends/coworkers about her diet, I’m finally starting to gain some footing in the dog world.  When I was growing up, there weren’t as many options and we always went with what was available at Costco.  Our doggie (Tina–Lhasso Apso mix) loved whatever we fed her and it was an easy/beautiful life.

With our new Lucy though…things are a bit different.  Not only did we adopt her at 8 weeks (still on mushy puppy chow), but she also was a picky eater who didn’t have much of an appetite.  It’s gotten better as she’s grown, but still, it’s not easy to find something she’ll chow down on.

When we first got Lucy, the breeder gave her Puppy Chow.  So we were advised to keep the same food until it was time for us to transition her out of it (probably when she finishes the bag).  Lucy eats about a handful of food  a day, so our bag will last us for at least 6 more months (if not more).  In the beginning we mashed it up for her and softened it up with boiling hot water.  But we noticed that she liked to actually chew on the hard food.  She wasn’t eating it as fast, but it helped with her teething.  I did a mix for a while (give her a few normal kernels while I prepared a small soft food serving), but she started to eat less and less of the soft stuff.


I bought some treats at Trader Joe’s on a whim b/c I had read everywhere that you needed treats to potty train.  I bought both of these bags below:

1. Chicken Recipe Jerky Sticks

2. Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Sticks.

Lucy liked the treats when we first opened the bag, but after a while she either tired of them or didn’t like the stale taste.  Not sure which it was, but I won’t be buying these anymore to test it out.  Lucy is so tiny that each bag lasts like 1 month and since she’s not eating them…it defeats the potty training and reward system.


My coworker has a maltipoo and she makes her own dehydrated chicken strips.  She brought three strips to work for Lucy and she went NUTS.  Not only did she gobble it up, but she sniffed everywhere to see if there was more.  I’ve never seen her excited about food before, so it was comforting to know we had found something!  The only problem with this was…we don’t own a dehydrator.  To give her this healthy treat meant we had to make it ourselves AND buy the dehydrator.  I haven’t ruled this option out, but I’m looking around to see if there are any other snacks that Lucy likes as much as these.


My other co-worker brought us Plato Duck Strips and those were a huge hit with Lucy.  She wasn’t AS excited for these as the dehydrated chicken strips, but she sniffed and searched for more when the treat was gone~~ which is a huge plus.  Each treat was fairly large and took her a few minutes to chew/eat.  I broke the treat up for her into about 10-12 tiny pieces but she kept trying to take the big chunks to chew on her own.  The first time I gave her the treat, she didn’t want to eat more than half of it, but the second time she chomped away at the whole thing and looked for more.  I think I’ll order 1 bag of these and see if she finishes it.


Baby carrots…smartest treat ever!  Lucy LOVES chomping on these things.  She works so hard to eat it that when she’s done, she takes a 2 hour nap.  Not only is the carrot good for her, but a cold one feels really good against her gums during this teething stage.  We buy tons of these now and give her 1-2 a day.  It’s a great way to distract her, have her chew on the right thing and it allows her to burn some energy.


Today’s Snacks!  This is the first time ever I’ve give her some more human food.  I’m trying to be really cautious about it because I heard once you go there, it’s hard to go back.  I forgot to bring her puppy chow to work with me, so I went to our cafeteria and picked up some healthy pieces for her to munch on (and to double as a treat).

Blanched Carrots, Cucumber slices, Juliened Turkey, Turkey Slices.

I gave her the meat as treat substiutions today when she correctly used the pee pad or stopped a bad behavior and removed herself from it (after I disciplined her).  She LOVED IT.  Lucy had the same crazed enthusiasm for the turkey as she did with the dry chicken strips.  Not sure if that means I should stick with fresh over dried…but it was nice to know I had some options.  The blanched carrots and fresh cucumbers were nice treats that also helped with her teething.

I’m not going to give her this diet on a regular basis, but seeing how she reacts to different foods has been a great learning experience!


After 3 weeks of being a new puppy mama, I see I have a lot to learn, but these are the things I’ve tried that worked/didn’t work with Lucy.  If you’re reading this b/c you don’t know what will and will not work for your doggie~~ I say experiment safely and cautiously!  Our little one still doesn’t eat a lot at a time, but I’m getting used to her habits, what she does like to eat, and what we can use as treats.


Pics of our Lucy Bear ❤


Only 1.4 pounds now.  She was just 1lb when we got her!



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