Black Bean Sauce Noodles & Sashimi

A while back, Markel and I went to a Korean market in Ktown and bought some goodies to eat for lunch.  These days Korean markets have pre-made goodies that you just heat up/do a little cooking with.  It’s SOOOO convenient when you’re working!

This was our first time trying the Jja Jja Myun one below and it was aiiiite.  I am a little picky about this dish so for me it didn’t come close to the real thing.  HOWEVER, the pre-packaged fresh sashimi was a total hit and I would go back to the Galleria Market anytime!


Noodles with Black Bean Sauce


Fresh Sashimi


Our FEAST =)  Kind of a crazy hodge podge of stuff…but it was super freaking delicious!




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